bug report

G 3 programmingkidx at gmail.com
Thu Nov 18 07:55:55 CET 2010

I tried building GMP 4.3.2 on Mac OS 10.2.8 (using gcc 3.1). On 'make check'
some of the tests failed. Here are the test results:

PASS: t-addsub
PASS: t-cmp
PASS: t-mul
PASS: t-mul_i
PASS: t-tdiv
PASS: t-tdiv_ui
PASS: t-fdiv
PASS: t-fdiv_ui
PASS: t-cdiv_ui
FAIL: t-gcd
PASS: t-gcd_ui
FAIL: t-lcm
PASS: dive
PASS: dive_ui
PASS: t-sqrtrem
PASS: convert
PASS: io
PASS: t-inp_str
PASS: logic
PASS: bit
PASS: t-powm
PASS: t-powm_ui
PASS: t-pow
PASS: t-div_2exp
FAIL: reuse
FAIL: t-root
PASS: t-perfsqr
FAIL: t-perfpow
FAIL: t-jac
PASS: t-bin
PASS: t-get_d
PASS: t-get_d_2exp
PASS: t-get_si
PASS: t-set_d
PASS: t-set_si
PASS: t-fac_ui
PASS: t-fib_ui
PASS: t-lucnum_ui
PASS: t-scan
PASS: t-fits
FAIL: t-divis
PASS: t-divis_2exp
FAIL: t-cong
PASS: t-cong_2exp
PASS: t-sizeinbase
PASS: t-set_str
PASS: t-aorsmul
PASS: t-cmp_d
PASS: t-cmp_si
PASS: t-hamdist
PASS: t-oddeven
PASS: t-popcount
PASS: t-set_f
PASS: t-io_raw
PASS: t-import
PASS: t-export
PASS: t-pprime_p
FAIL: t-nextprime
9 of 58 tests failed
Please report to gmp-bugs at gmplib.org

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