gmp 4.3.2 on Solaris 8, gcc 3.2.2 (old server)

Jay K jay.krell at
Mon Nov 8 12:22:35 CET 2010

 >    1. gmp 4.3.2 on Solaris 8, gcc 3.2.2 (old server) (alanpae at 

 >   o Give "--build=x86_64-pc-solaris2.10" as a configure argument

 No. Solaris 8 doesn't support amd64/x86_64. 
 I believe that was new in Solaris 2.10. 
 I guess it supported x86/i[356]86. (I know x86 kind of
  fell out of favor, and then came back.)  

Can you actually run the output of gcc -m64?
What does this do:
 echo "int main(){}" > 1.c 
   gcc -m64 1.c  
  file a.out

I'm guessing there's an error somewhere.

 >   o Give "-m64" part of CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS 

No. Ditto. But keep reading, I'll give you the answer.

>   o Configure and run make like
>     % LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/amd64 ./configure .....
>     % LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib/amd64 gmake

 No. Ditto. 

 > In order.  I've tried setting that to no avail.  I'm using the stock gcc 
 > on OpenSolaris which is still GCC 3.4.3.  My build= defaults to 
 > core2-pc-solaris2.11 which means dual core Intel with 64 bit extensions 

  I doubt it, but I don't blame you.  
  Core2 is "second generation Core".  
  There is also indeed such a thing as a dual core Core2.  

> Are you talking about MySQL or GMP now?  The link you sent us is about

You know, you have trouble building something on a machinek, you have
similar problems building unrelated software. I assume that is the connection.

Anyway, try one of these:

  configure none-none-none 
  configure none-none-solaris2.8   
  configure i386-pc-solaris2.8   
configure i486-pc-solaris2.8   

configure i586-pc-solaris2.8   

configure i686-pc-solaris2.8  

The last is probably the best.
The first might not work. I'm not sure.
The ones that start with "none" won't be nearly as optimized as possible.

It's also possible setting CFLAGS to merely empty will do the trick,
and get something more optimized.

GMP configure seems overeager to target 64bit architecture, I think.
I think I've seen these sorts of problems on a Mac.
Your case easier though given that Solaris 2.8 doesn't run on amd64/x86_64.
 I believe that is new in Solaris 2.10.
  Tor I do believe this area could be improved, but I admit
  I haven't given you clear enough facts to act on, at least not completely.
  On Solaris <2.10 though you can avoid amd64/x86_64. 
  What to do on Solaris 2.10 and biarch-capable Macintoshes, less clear.
  (Macs are actually triarch i386/amd64/ppc, but not likely
  people want ppc.)

 - Jay


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