__GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB missing from gmp.h

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Tue Mar 23 11:18:38 CET 2010

Dennis Clarke <dclarke at blastwave.org> writes:

  I don't think this is a bug at all. Probably just a change from 4.3.1 to
  5.0.1 in the gmp.h file.
  Someone pointed out that while this is still present :
  #define GMP_LIMB_BITS                      64
  It looks like this left on the last train for the coast :
  #define __GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB             64
  Is this intentional ?

Yes, this was an intentional change.

I understand that some users depend on GMP internals, such as
BITS_PER_MP_LIMB or __GMP_BITS_PER_MP_LIMB, but then they will have to
be prepared to cope with incompatibilities between GMP releases.


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