gmp-5.0.1 tests fail on AIX 5.2

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Mar 18 11:47:02 CET 2010

Patrick Begou <Patrick.Begou at> writes:

  1) using default values,
  CC=cc ./configure --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32
  configure is unable to detect the right hardware:
  checking host system type... powerpc630-ibm-aix5.2.0.0
      no, it is a 43P-260 (I have also a P630 and it is not the same architecture)
  checking ABI=aix64
      I understand I'm building a 64bit version of the lib
  checking compiler cc -O2 -q64 -qtune=pwr3 -qmaxmem=20000
      ./configure select "-q64" for building 64 bits lib
      but if qtune=pwr3 is OK for a P630 it's wrong for a 43P-260
      which need -qtune=pwr2 for a power2 cpu.
I think configure is right and you are wrong.  That hardware has a
POWER3 aka powerpc630 processor.

(Incidentally, I had a loaner 43P-260 some years ago when we developed
compiler tools for ppc64 running gnu/linux.)

  2) So I try to tell configure which is the right architecture.
  All seams OK, I do not know what ABI=standard means (32 or 64 bits ?)

ABI=standard means there is just one ABI.

  but compiler options do not use the -q64 option (so 32 bits is the
  default for xlc)

That depends on the compiler config.

  make is successfull.
  but with make check several tests fails
  FAIL: t-toom8h
  FAIL: t-mullo
  FAIL: t-invert
  FAIL: t-div
  FAIL: t-bdiv
  5 of 30 tests failed
  Please report to gmp-bugs at
This looks like a sound build, and it should not fail.  Unfortunately,
this will be very hard for me to debug, since I no longer have any AIIX
5.2 system or your old xlc.
  4) Then I try a generic C build as proposed in
  (I had missed this posibility when reading the doc as I focus on available
  architectures) with default options.
  CC=cc ./configure --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32 --build=none
  checking build system type... none-none-none
  checking host system type... none-none-none
  checking ABI=long
  checking whether cc is xlc... yes
  make is successfull but more tests fail in make check:
  FAIL: t-toom8h
  FAIL: t-hgcd
  FAIL: t-mullo
  FAIL: t-invert
  FAIL: t-div
  FAIL: t-bdiv
  6 of 30 tests failed
  Please report to gmp-bugs at
OK, so this will hide from GMP the fact that you have a 64-bit processor
and will also avoid any assembly code.  OK, things still fail.  We have
with 99.999% probability determined that your old xlc is broken.

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