gmp-5.0.1 tests fail on AIX 5.2

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Mar 17 12:17:50 CET 2010

Patrick Begou <Patrick.Begou at> writes:

  Thanks for your suggestions. I've yet read in details these pages, but may be I
  have not fully understood all the meaning :-(.
  What I've tried to build a 32bits gmp library on AIX 5.2 with several
  combination of configure and compiler options without success:
  CC=cc CFLAGS="-q32 -g -qarch=pwr2  -qtune=pwr2 -O2 -qstrict -qalign=power
  -qinitauto=00"  CXXFLAGS="-q32 -g  -qarch=pwr2 -qtune=pwr2 -O2  -qstrict
  -qalign=power -qinitauto=00" CXX=xlC  LDFLAGS=-bmaxdata:2000000000 ./configure
  --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32 --enable-static --disable-shared
  The only ABI available is "ABI=standard" (selected by ./configure)
You're playing tricks with configure by passing lots of options.  Why do
you do that?  Do you think these options will do anything good for you,
or is it more-or-less a random option collection?

  Compilation is successfull, 5 tests fail.
  Note that options "-qstrict -qalign=power -qinitauto=00" do not change the
  results (same 5 tests fail without these options)
Since your build is completely non-standard on for a very old system,
and for unspecified hardware, I have no opinion about whether this is a
compiler bug, a bad compiler option, or some GMP portability issue, or a
GMP bug.
  CC=cc CFLAGS="-g"  CXX=xlC CXXFLAGS="-g" F77=xlf  ./configure
  --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32  --disable-shared --enable-static
  ./configure selects  "ABI=aix64" but fails withe the error message:
  "checking how to define a 32-bit word... 0654-210 conftest.o is not valid in the
  current object file mode.
          Use the -X option to specify the desired object mode.
  configure: error: cannot determine how to define a 32-bit word"
Again, your undermine configure's work with your own options.
  CC=cc CFLAGS="-g"  CXX=xlC CXXFLAGS="-g" F77=xlf  ./configure
  --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32  --disable-shared --enable-static ABI=mode32
  as proposed in but it is
  not supported:
  "configure: error: ABI=mode32 is not among the following valid choices: aix64 32"
For AIX "mode32" is not suggested at that URL.
And yet again you set you own options.

  CC=cc CFLAGS="-g"  CXX=xlC CXXFLAGS="-g" F77=xlf  ./configure
  --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32  --disable-shared --enable-static ABI=32
  configure is successfull but at compile time I get:
  "1252-149 Instruction sub is not implemented in the current assembly mode COM"
And again.
  CC=cc CFLAGS="-g"  CXX=xlC CXXFLAGS="-g" F77=xlf  ./configure
  --prefix=/HA/sources/begou/AIX32  --disable-shared --enable-static --build=power2
And again.

  Any suggestion is welcome, I'm sure I've missed something.
Please read the manual.  You must have used much more time experimenting
than a careful read of
could possibly take.


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