Problems in GMP

Judy di.zhu.bunny at
Fri Jul 9 04:31:04 CEST 2010

I'm quite a rookie in this cross compiling field
I'm now trying to build this powerpc cross compiling tool in vm redhat 3.2.2-5.

I didn't know this version of gcc and gmp have gone obsolete..
so what's the latest version?

2010/7/8 Torbjorn Granlund <tg at>:
> Judy <di.zhu.bunny at> writes:
>  I've tried to install gcc 4.4.0 for powerpc, and the gmp edition is 4.3.1.
>  My configure command:
> You're trying to install a very obsolete version of gcc and an obsolete
> version of gmp.  Why?
>  FAIL: t-assign
>  PASS: t-binary
>  PASS: t-cast
>  FAIL: t-constr
>  PASS: t-headers
>  PASS: t-istream
>  PASS: t-locale
>  PASS: t-misc
>  PASS: t-ops
>  PASS: t-ostream
>  PASS: t-prec
>  PASS: t-rand
>  PASS: t-ternary
>  PASS: t-unary
> It seems that the C++ compiler used for compiling gmp is buggy.
> (There isn't much advice we can give about a report like yours.
> You don't specify your configuration, operations system, compiler used
> for compiling gmp, etc.)
> --
> Torbjörn

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