memory problem with GMP 5

Paul Zimmermann Paul.Zimmermann at
Sat Jan 23 19:12:51 CET 2010

> There is a README in the directory.  The 2nd paragraph says:
> "The snapshots are compressed with lzip, since it is the currently best
> free compression program."
> So you need to get lzip, which should be available in any decent package
> system on GNU systems or BSD systems.

thanks. I had to install lzip in /tmp, since it was not installed on the 
machine I tried.

With the gmp-5.0.0-20100123 snapshot (which still says "GMP 5.0.0" for
gmp_version) the "RES" usage is first at 1.7g, then goes up to 2.3g with
the program on

Thus I only see a small improvement with respect to 5.0.0, which took 2.4g max,
whereas 4.3.2 took only 1.6g.

It would be nice if someone else could confirm this, since it is not easy to
get a precise measure, unless somebody knows how to do without looking at the
"top" output.


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