t-constant fail i686-darwin10

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Jan 14 12:24:04 CET 2010

Jack Howarth <howarth at bromo.med.uc.edu> writes:

      I also see this failure on 32-bit intel darwin9. The failing section of
  t-constants.c appears to be the line...
  CHECK_LIMB (PP_INVERTED, pp_inverted_calc);
Curious.  Does your build have a file mpn/invert_limb.asm?
To where does it point (ls -l mpn/invert_limb.asm)?

The various invert_limb.asm files read a starting value from a table,
and the correct references to such tables from assembly is an trouble
area for MacOS X.

I will have to ignore the various Mac OS issues until I or somebody else
with the right qualifications can debug this on actual hardware.
Speculating about the various problems people are seeing is just a time


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