Bug in GMP5.0.0/4.3.2?

Marc Glisse marc.glisse at normalesup.org
Sat Jan 9 10:42:09 CET 2010

On Fri, 8 Jan 2010, James Wanless wrote:

> [NB this is so far only tested on Intel Mac OSX Leopard gcc 4.0.1 
> --disable-shared]

Do you have a particular reason to stick to that old buggy version of the 
compiler? I believe it works fine with more recent versions.

> ld: duplicate symbol ___gmpz_abs in ./.libs/libtests.a(misc.o) and t-bswap.o

this is related to the C99 meaning of extern inline, where apple has a 
different behavior than FSF gcc, and gmp doesn't specifically test for it. 
The problem should only appear when there is -std=c99 (or gnu99) without 

Marc Glisse

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