mpn_get_d broken on MIPS64 ?

Matthias Bauer bauerm at
Fri Feb 12 12:17:57 CET 2010

Hi Torbjorn,
thanks for the quick reply!

configure was run without further arguments/options/environment variables.

> That is an ancient version of GCC.  Have you tried some slightly newer
> version?

This gcc version comes with OpenBSD 4.7. OpenBSD is in the (slow)
process of converting everything to pcc (,
so it would be not helpful if gmplib only worked with certain gcc

> I attempted to reproduce this on a mips running GNU/Linux without
> success.  But I used a different compiler, different kernel (denorms
> often trap to the kernel), and might have used a different configuration
> than you (you didn't say which one you used).

Would it help the gmplib developers if I provided
an account on one of the machines in question (sgi-mips64-openbsd4.7)?



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