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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the reply.


That query returns 10 hits, mostly people with the same problem asking for help.  Two of them had replies saying either that LD_LIBRARY_PATH was wrong or that the C compiler was bad.  None of them mentions setting ABI=32.  I suspect that most of the people are in my situation of building gmp only for the purpose of building gcc, and once they figure out that they need /usr/local/lib/sparcv9 on LD_LIBRARY_PATH to build a 64 bit gmp, they will get stuck when gcc defaults to a 32 bit build and the gcc configure or make fails.

I did a similar query on the link error before posting to the list.

I'm sure that it would be possible to find a google query that would show the solution, but it is a lot harder to write the query if you don't already know the answer.  That is why I suggested placing the information somewhere more visible than postings in the mailing list.  It will only save you work when the next person has the same question.

I will even offer that if anyone reading this has the error
" t-bswap: fatal: /usr/local/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32"
building gmp or mpfr or has issues with gmp or mpfr when building gcc, like
"ld: warning: file ../build-sparc-sun-solaris2.10/libiberty/libiberty.a(hashtab.o): wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64" (from trying to force a 64 bit gcc build with CFLAGS=-m64)
"init2.c:37:  assertion failed: ((64 - 0)+0) == (((64 - 0)+0)/8) * 8 && sizeof(mp_limb_t) == (((64 - 0)+0)/8)" (I think from using a 32 bit gcc compiled with a 64 bit header)
they can write to me at williambader at and I will explain how I ran export ABI=32, built gmp, built mpfr with --with-gmp=/usr/local and send my script for building gcc.

>It doesn't happen when you use a version of gcc currently provided by Sun.

I am using gcc-3.4.6 for SPARC/Solaris 10 from
I have as and ld from Sun in /usr/ccs/bin/, but I do not have Sun cc.

>it defaults to 64 where others default to 32, so more people hit the problem (most of them don't actually want a 64 bit version).

I usually build 32 bit applications, so I didn't realize that "wrong ELF class" meant that I had tried to mix 32 and 64 bit objects.

Why is it necessary to have a default?
Could gmp and mpfr build both 32 and 64 bit libraries?

Back in MSDOS days 25 years ago, I had tiny, small, medium, large, and huge memory-model versions of some libraries.
The header files had #ifdefs based on settings passed by the compiler, and each instance of the library had its own special prefix or directory.

>And the easiest when you are only trying to build gcc is to let gcc build gmp and mpfr for you, as documented in gcc.

I would have tried that next.  gcc-4.4.3/INSTALL/prerequisites.html mentions it as a second option if gmp is not installed on your search path: "Alternatively, if a GMP source distribution is found in a subdirectory of your GCC sources named gmp, it will be built together with GCC."

I didn't try that first because 1) my Sun is slow (the gcc-core "make bootstrap" takes over 10 hours) and I didn't want to build or debug anything extra inside the gcc build and 2) I haven't needed to do that since a long time ago when I built cross-compilers and I had to include gas, binutils, gdb, etc. inside the gcc source tree.

I don't have time to reply again, but I hope that this will get into the mailing list archive so someone else who has the same problem might find it instead of posting.

Warm regards,
williambader at

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