check failures on Linux ocracoke 2.6.5-7.308-pseries64 #1 SMP Mon Dec 10 11:36:40 UTC 2007 ppc64 ppc64 ppc64 GNU/Linux

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sun Dec 5 12:04:00 CET 2010

Blanton Brian <bblanton at> writes:

  This machine is a front-end node to an IBM BG/L.  I'm building for the
  front-end.  Let me know what else you need.
I am afraid I cannot afford to spend time on this.  Perhaps somebody
else can help?

This type of problems is almost always caused by compiler bugs, so if
somebody can recreate your environment and isolate the problem, the
conclusion will then most likely be that you cannot use that compiler.

I recall that gcc 3.3 used to cause a lot of trouble back in 2003-2004,
when it was in wide use.  IIRC, the last releases in the 3.3 series
worked better.

If you're stuck with the vintage gcc 3.3, then consider upgrading to
3.3.6.  Else, upgrade to a current gcc release.  (Avoid gcc 4.3.2, it is
known to miscompile gmp, also avoid non-releases of gcc 4.5 and 4.4.)

(There have been fewer problems with gcc miscompilation of gmp the last
few years.  I am not sure this is due to increases quality of gcc.  It
might simply be due to the fact that gcc now links to gmp, and that this
leads some gcc developers to test gmp before new gcc bugs get released
to the public.  New, unreleased gmp code tend to trigger gcc bugs...)


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