Test Failures in gmp-4.3.2: Details Included

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Aug 26 16:01:21 CEST 2010

Tom Browder <tom.browder at gmail.com> writes:

  I get two test failures when I  do 'make check':
  /home/tmb/src/gmp-4.3.2/tests/.libs/lt-t-constants: symbol lookup
  error: /home/tmb/src/gmp-4.3.2/tests/.libs/lt-t-constants: undefined
  symbol: __gmp_binvert_limb_table
  FAIL: t-constants
  /home/tmb/src/gmp-4.3.2/tests/.libs/lt-t-modlinv: symbol lookup error:
  /home/tmb/src/gmp-4.3.2/tests/.libs/lt-t-modlinv: undefined symbol:
This means the test cases are not properly linked to the newly build
library.  It is hard to know why this happens; it is not a GMP error per
se.  You need to find out why your system (run time) linker does not
find libraries as documented.

To make sure the symbol is there, you might want to try a command like

      nm .libs/libgmp.so | grep __gmp_binvert_limb_table

This should print something like this:

00044200 R __gmp_binvert_limb_table


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