core2 not recognized

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Sat Nov 14 19:47:58 CET 2009

Tim Van Holder <tim.vanholder at> writes:

  Jim Skea at JimsNewLaptop ~/gmp-4.3.1
  $ ./config.guess
Oops.  This should not be hard to debug.  Just add some print statements
to follow what happens.

To check if there is a CR, ./config.guess >foo should work, followed by
"od foo" or by checking foo in an editor.

  Jim Skea at JimsNewLaptop ~/gmp-4.3.1
  $ ./configfsf.guess
  My guess is that it's config.guess reporting "i686<CR>-pc-cygwin",
  causing the problem. Is there a particular reason GMP uses its own
  config.guess (I assume configfsf.guess is the "official" one)?
GMP's config.guess gives more detailed replies (well, apparently not on


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