Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Nov 10 18:42:28 CET 2009

Philip Courier <philipcourier at> writes:

  I need a *working* gmp 4.1.3 or newer, to compile ppl.
  I have tried
Are you sure you want to use a snapshot?  These are not meant for end
users, but for developers.
  and all three produce errors in make check.
  Do you know of a 4.4.-1 gmp that passes all tests in make check?

I know that all or almost all of them do.  But that just for our test
environment of about 50 machines.

I will not try to guess what problem you're seeing or on which platform
you are seeing these problem, since I am truly terrible guesser.  And
you might save time by filing a bug report with no need for guess-work.

Good starting points are and perhaps


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