Make check fails with 2 errors.

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Nov 4 11:39:18 CET 2009

"Michael D. Setzer II" <mikes at> writes:

  gmp-4.3.1 make check fail on mingw / msys.
  t_inp_str.c:95 GNU MP assertion failed: fp != ((void *)0)
  failed: t_inp_str.exe
  Can not create file t_io_raw.tmp
  failed: t_io_raw.exe
  2 of 58 test failed.
  I have installed latest MINGW and MSYS to test opencobol in windows
  environment. gmp is required before opencobol will install.
Perhaps your disk is full?  Or you don't have permission to write in the
directory in which you run the tests?

Your bug report is very terse.  Please see for a description on
what information we need in a GMP bug report.


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