config fails for gmp-4.3.1 under Cygwin with a Pentium M processor

David Billinghurst dbcygwin at
Wed May 27 01:45:13 CEST 2009

Hi Jim,

I provide the gmp packages for cygwin.  I have packaged gmp-4.3.1 for
cygwin-1.7 but not for cygwin-1.5.  I have just done a build and check on
cygwin-1.5, using the cygwin source package for 1.7 and the native gcc-4.3.2
compiler.  No problems at all.  I can provide this as an official cygwin
package if there is any demand.

You don't mention this, but you appear to be using a djgpp targeted gcc-4.1
compiler, which would be a cross-compile from cygwin.  Is there something
you aren't telling us?

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