(gmp-4.2.4) configure --includedir option only works partially

Niels Thykier gbarnt at student.dtu.dk
Mon Mar 23 20:13:59 CET 2009


When using gmp-4.2.4's configure like this
   ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX_DIR --includedir=$INCLUDE_DIR
on a x86_64 linux red-hat, then gmp.h will end in "$PREFIX_DIR/include" 
and not "$INCLUDE_DIR/" when running "make install".

If c++ bindings are enabled they will - however - end in "$INCLUDE_DIR" 
as expected.

Configure with all the arguments I used: 
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/gbar/apps/gmp/4.2.4 


Niels Thykier : s072425
G-Bar Support
Technical University of Denmark

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