gnu mp 4.2.4 uncovered gcc bug???

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Mar 11 14:01:37 CET 2009

"Stoddard, Isaac A" <isaac.a.stoddard at> writes:

  In preparation for building GCC 4, I am upgrading my local copies of gmp
  and mpfr. Gcc 3.2.3 is all I have to use at the moment, as the system
  default compiler version. Given that "make check" reports one issue, is
  it still safe to ocntinue with the GCC build, using the old gcc (3.2.3)
  or should an interim version with patches be installed to transition
  across this bug?
I wouldn't take the risk, if I were you.

Perhaps disabling optimization when building gmp could avoid tripping
the compiler bug?  Try ".../configure CFLAGS="" && make", but you should
add any non-optimizing compiler options to CFLAGS that configure
originally chose.


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