gmp-4.3.1 bombs 9/9 on Solaris 10 with gcc-4.3.3

Edwards, Mark C. MARK.C.EDWARDS at
Sat Jun 27 01:31:54 CEST 2009

I just pulled the current gmp-4.3.1 code, ran "configure
-prefix=/opt/gnu", then make.

The compiler is the Code Sourcery build of gcc-4.3.3 for Solaris2.8. The
OS is Solaris 10.

It appears the configure script is picking up 64-bit routines.  I would
prefer 32-bit.  After

running configure and compiling, I ran the "make check" as suggested.
All of the messages

complained about wrong ELF class ELFCLASS32.  Any suggestions?  This
build is a prerequisite

for the gfortran compiler.




Mark Edwards


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