3 cxx tests fail on i386-pc-solaris2.8 ABI=32

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Thu Jul 16 16:13:45 CEST 2009

  > I am afraid I cannot say for sure what the problem might be.
  No one can it seems.

No one except those that can reproduce the problem and then isolate it.

Please don't expect me to download Slowlaris, install it in a PC,
install the right GCC and binutils, and then cross my fingers that the
problem happens for me too.

  >  I can just give some general advice:
  > 1. Make sure you're using the same version of gcc and g++ (and in
  >    particular not gcc and a vendor C++ compiler, or vice versa.
  Right, I was thinking the same thing. What changed here? That was my first
     mpf/eq.c  <-- this is new.
Eh, you misunderstood.  What does gcc -v and g++ -v output?  (Assuming
you don't pass CC=some-other-gcc without CXX=the-same-g++.)

  Not the same as what I used for my builds on Sparc.
  I have a patch from you regarding that. Not really a patch. More like a
  whole new file. Turns out, nothing other than the arch and that one source
  file changed.
It seems unlikely that the eq rewrite casuses these three cxx failures,
but as a professional software engineer, you could of course back out
the eq.c change for now.

  > 3. Isolate the problem.
  Right. That makes sense but the test harness is a bit obfuscated.

Now, now.  When it says "FAIL foo ... Leaving directory bar", perhaps
try "cd bar; ./foo".  It'll work, and it'll give you the failure
slightly more verbosely.

  At the very least it is not easy to get in there and just do these
  things myself knowing what I am supposed to get. I don't have
  testsuite docs to refer to that say "run test foo and see result
  output data bar".
The testsuite is documented as a bunch of files with the extension ".c".

(I really doubt you need to understand anything about the test suite in
order to isolate a failure.)


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