sparcv9-sun-solaris2.8 ABI=64 fails to build

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Jul 14 22:34:37 CEST 2009

Dennis Clarke <dclarke at> writes:

  I have tried this with GCC 4.3.3 and binutils 2.19.1 and the build process
  fails at mpn/sparc64/dive_1.c because of a problem in
  Studio compilers file also, of course.
  The issue seems to be with the absence of HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ defined.
  in mpn/sparc64/sparc64.h we have :
  /* Halfword number i in src is accessed as src[i+HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ(i)].
     Plain src[i] would be incorrect in big endian, HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ has the
     effect of swapping the two halves in this case.  */
  #define HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ(i)  (1 - (((i) & 1) << 1))   /* +1 even, -1 odd */
  #define HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ(i)  0                        /* no adjust */
  Error, error, unknown limb endianness;
  So if HALF_ENDIAN_ADJ is not defined we get an error.
  That is what happens.

  any thoughts ?

You need to figure out why HAVE_LIMB_BIG_ENDIAN is left undefined on
your system.

I good place to start is to look in config.log.  It should be quite
clear there, or at least it should give a pretty good hint.


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