GMP 4.2.4 doesn't pass self-tests on itanium2-hp-hpux11.23

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Wed Feb 18 14:13:56 CET 2009

Max Zinal <MaxZinal at> writes:

  I've just tried to install GMP version 4.2.4 on Intel Itanium2-based
  HP server with HP-UX 11.23. I used HP C/aC++ B3910B A.06.20
  Before running 'configure', I set up compiler flags '-mt +DD64' via
  environment variables CCOPTS and CXXOPTS.  

That not how the GMP manual tells you how to do it, you're hiding
things for configure.  You should either let the ABI default, or use
the ABI=xxx configure argument.  Passing -mt might in a hidden way
might work.

  I did this because I need 64-bit pthread-compatible binaries.

Does HP's compiler somehow make libraries non-threadable without such
an option?  Strange.

  The compilation succeeded (with some minor compiler warnings),
  but when I ran 'make check', I got 2 failures in 'mpn' tests due
  to segmentation faults. A log from 'make check' is attached to
  the message.
  I'd like to help resolve this issue, so be free to contact me on
  this topic.

I cannot help, really.  I do not have access to any Itanium systems,
neither running GNU/Linux or HP-Ouch.

Does a plain "configure && make && make check" work as it should, and
does it default to the 64bit ABI?


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