Any Progress on s390x compile problem of gmp 4.2.4

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Mon Feb 9 17:58:54 CET 2009

Rich Smrcina <rsmrcina at> writes:

  Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
  > Rich Smrcina <rsmrcina at> writes:
  >   There was actually a package available for SLES10, so I used it.
  > I dropped this issue since you didn't reply to this message:
  > If you're not willing to follow up on your reports, I suggest that you
  > do not report at all.
  Yeah, it was this warm welcome that I got to the list for my question
  that prompted my silence, wrong or not.  It's a good thing other open
  source projects aren't run so rudely.

If a turnaround time of less one hour, and the inquiry

  "What does gmp's config.guess print?"

(see the last link below) is so impolite that you got too angry to
respond with the information we needed to help you, then please tell us
how you need to be treated, Sir.  :-)



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