gmp fails to create gmpxx.h

Tovrea, George W (US SSA) george.tovrea at
Tue Aug 4 15:21:05 CEST 2009

Thanks, I found it. I was surprised it was not moved to the directory where I did the build, but now that I know...

I believe ppl uses gmpxx.h so it's configure can kill two birds with one stone. Ppl requires that gmp be built with --enable-cxx, so if it cannot find the gmpxx.h file, it assumes that gmp was not built with --enable-cxx. Also, since gmpxx.h includes gmp.h, where the actual version info is specified, it can still check the version.

Bill T.

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  I ran configure with --enable-cxx=yes. libgmpxx.a was generated, but no
  gmpxx.h. This file is required by ppl to verify the gmp version.

Look in the source directory.

(But I don't think gmpxx.h is a good place to look for GMP version.)


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