4.3.0 test fails on AIX[Scanned]

Torbjorn Granlund tg at gmplib.org
Fri Apr 24 15:00:33 CEST 2009

"Eric Fernandez" <efernandez at physiomics-plc.com> writes:

  > "Eric Fernandez" <efernandez at physiomics-plc.com> writes:
  >   I get test fails on AIX 5.3:
  > Please test the current code, following the instructions at 
  > http://gmplib.org/repo-usage.html.
  > I believe this problem has been fixed.
  > Once you have tried the new version, please follow up on your 
  > bug report.
  > --
  > Torbjörn
  I tried the 4.3.0 patched version mercurial branch and it still failed these tests:
  FAIL: t-constants
  FAIL: t-modlinv
  I am now going to try the unstable version.
  Another note: when trying to compile the patched version, it complained not finding makeinfo, and said I should use GNU make on AIX. I find this error message quite awkward because I was using GNU make (and not the make provided with AIX) and makeinfo comes from texinfo (which I compiled). Also, shouldn't this detected during configuration ?
The makeinfo warning is irrelevant.  Is is related to building

There are no tests at configure time for what "make" programs might be
avalable on your system.  It is hard for configure to have any idea of
what a user will type next, "make", "gmake", or "pmake".  :-)

Usually, gmake is best to use with GNU software like GMP, but
automake/configure are quite good at producing portable makefile (if I
am not much mistaken).

Regadring the "make check" failure, I think it would be good if you
reported a full bug report, with all the information asked for in
http://gmplib.org/manual/Reporting-Bugs.html.  I have an inkling that
this is actually *not* a compiler bug, but something about portability
of assembly code.  With all information at hand, we will be able to fix
such problems.


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