Undefined behaviour causing problems on AVR32

Bradley Smith bradsmith at debian.org
Wed Apr 8 12:03:55 CEST 2009

In scanf/sscanffuns.c, the function 'scan' is defined as:

 static int scan (const char **sp, const char *fmt, void *p1, void *p2)

but is then casted to:

 int (*gmp_doscan_scan_t)  _PROTO ((void *, const char *, ...))

and used. Whilst most architectures seem to cope with this, it is
undefined behaviour and due to the way varargs are implemented on AVR32,
it causes segfaults/incorrect results.

I have attached a simple fix for this which simply changes 'scan' to use
varargs as in the gmp_doscan_scan_t prototype.

(This is with the Debian packaged version gmp-4.2.4+dfsg, which is what
the patch has been created against).

Bradley Smith

Bradley Smith                                     brad at brad-smith.co.uk
Debian GNU/Linux Developer                         bradsmith at debian.org
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