config.sub quoting issue

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue Oct 28 20:14:46 CET 2008

Sebastian Freundt <hroptatyr at> writes:

  > I don't think you can expect that quoting style to work in
  > all /bin/sh out there, unfortunately.
  Likewise, I don't think you can expect your quoting style to work in all
  /bin/sh's :P
Are you just retorting, or are you serious?

If you actually know of a problem, please let us know.

  > Why do you explicitly use /bin/ksh, why don't you simply let the !# in
  > the file determine that interpreter to use?  Then things should work.
  I have no idea, it's not me who's seeing the issue, I'm just reporting
  it.  But I think it's an autoconf issue at last, config.sub is called with
  CONFIG_SHELL (which in turn sets SHELL) set to something that is
  considered `shell enough' to cope with config.sub.  While this may be true
  for the FSF config.sub it's not really working with yours, we've found a
  way to work around: using SHELL=... ./configure or
  CONFIG_SHELL=... ./configure, and I think all his shells (including
  /bin/ksh) worked, just /bin/sh didn't.  Odd I know. :)
Unless somebody with access debugs exactly what ksh dislikes about the
present quoting, and can suggest a safe workaround, I'll leave the
code as it is.


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