Trying to compile GMP - MPZ part for Symbian OS

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue May 27 18:09:59 CEST 2008

Marian Kechlibar <marian.kechlibar at> writes:

  Anyway, if this port is to be useful for other Symbian developers,
  it will have to work under Windows, since this is the standard in
  the community. I think that the best way would be to have a specific
  header file (config.h, gmp-impl.h) for Symbian, and use generic
  sources for WINSCW emulation environment, and possibly use ARM for
  the device build. I think I could be able to supply you with
  information on the Symbian specifics, and a manageable MMP file.
I will not put something like that into a GMP distribution, sorry.
It is not vialbel to maintain such separate files.

But by all means make it available from your site, with versions for
each GMP release.

  In the meantime, I managed to compile and link the library with the
  flag you mentioned. For Symbian 9, that was enough. For Symbian 8
  and earlier, I had to remove several static writable data (Symbian 8
  and earlier will not tolerate static writable data in DLLs). These
  usually were global variables; I made them const, which killed some
  functionality (like mpz_random). I did not have time to test the
  functionality in the emulator, or a real device, yet. I believe I
  can do it tomorrow.
Good luck.

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bug in GMP.]


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