Trying to compile GMP - MPZ part for Symbian OS

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Tue May 27 17:33:03 CEST 2008

Marian Kechlibar <marian.kechlibar at> writes:

  My aim is to create a LGPL version of GMP, or, at least, the
  integral part thereof, compilable under Symbian OS from version 7.0s
  onwards. I want to provide necessary information to the GMP team
  also, so that they could produce Symbian OS-compatible versions of
  the library in the future, if they wish so.
When you say "compilable under Symbian", do you mean to actually
compile on the Symbian system, i.e., not cross-compile?

  I started with the source code for GMP 4.2.2. I compiled this source
  code for the generic architecture under Linux and GCC tools (I used
  the same GCC toolchain to create a Linux DLL as well, it works just
  fine, so the following problems are probably not the compiler's
  fault).  Only after success with generic, I would go on with the
  ARM-specific code ...
Ah, the processor is ARM.

  Then I took the resulting .h and .c files to the Windows partition,
  created a Symbian OS project and added those files to the
  project. Then I edited the config.h file and some other files to get
  rid of compiler problems, as far as I could understand them. I am
  attaching my list of edits. The list is not complete yet and it will
  need some tweaking; I am sending it just as an informative material.
Oh, so you run configure under GNU/Linux, and then compile on Windows?
That is a convoluted way of building that we will hardly support in an
official GMP release...

  #  Preparation phase
  1. On Linux, run the ./configure script with build=none-unknown. Run make.
     (you have to do this in order to create files fib-tables.h, fac_ui.h and mp_bases.h,
     which will be needed).
I assume you mean -build=none-unknown.  You probably want to say

[snip horrific windows commands]

Man, you're really determined to make this work from Windows!

Isn't there a GNU cross compilation environment that you could run
from GNU/Linux?  That should save you lots of headache, and might very
well allow you to use an unmodified GMP source tree.


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