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Thu Jun 12 06:58:51 CEST 2008


I have sent you a mail regarding this,but I think I forgot to include
somethings that you may require:-

1.GMP Version Number:- GMP-4.2.2 (latest one)

2.Problem is that I am not able to compile library. The make does not
complete.I gave it two commands (1)./configure --enable-cxx --disable-shared
and then (2) make but it gave an error,output of make as well as configure
is attached to this email.

3. gcc version is 4.1.3 and output of command gcc -v is
  "Using built-in specs.
Target: i486-linux-gnu
Configured with: ../src/configure -v
--enable-languages=c,c++,fortran,objc,obj-c++,treelang --prefix=/usr
--enable-shared --with-system-zlib --libexecdir=/usr/lib
--without-included-gettext --enable-threads=posix --enable-nls
--with-gxx-include-dir=/usr/include/c++/4.1.3 --program-suffix=-4.1
--enable-__cxa_atexit --enable-clocale=gnu --enable-libstdcxx-debug
--enable-mpfr --enable-checking=release i486-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.1.3 20070929 (prerelease) (Ubuntu 4.1.2-16ubuntu2)"

4.output of uname -a is "Linux vaneet-laptop 2.6.22-14-generic #1 SMP Sun
Oct 14 23:05:12 GMT 2007 i686 GNU/Linux"

5.Output of ./config.guess is "core2-pc-linux-gnu" and output of
is "i686-pc-linux-gnu".

You can find some other files that you may need that are the outputs for the
./configure and make commands resp.
If I am doing something wrong then please let me know.
Please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you and best regards,
Vaneet Dadra
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