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Torsten Bonde Christiansen torsten at
Wed Jan 16 08:58:28 CET 2008

Torbjorn Granlund wrote:
> Torsten Bonde Christiansen <torsten at> writes:
>   It does pass -pg to the compiler during build (and linking) so the
>   configure script does what it's supposed to do.
> Good configure!
It is... :)
>   This is testes with exactly the same settings on three different linux
>   systems. A gentoo installation (64 bit), an ubuntu 7.4 (64 bit) and
>   ubuntu 7.10 (32 bit).
>   None of these systems are able to give me any profiling information.
> Any at all?
I do get profiling output from the rest of my program. But any 
information regarding mpz_ function is omitted.
>   I'm not stating that i'm convinced i'm right, merely i just can't seem
>   to figure out where i could be wrong...
> If you add a dummy function foo() and call it at the beginning of
> main(), does it show up as called once?  If not, well, I am sad to say
> it, but then GMP is even more likely totally innocent.  GCC, ld, your
> library, your kernel, or yourself are to blame.  :-)
Adding function foo() does indeed show up as being called once in the 
program. Details listed here:
> (Now that GMP is used by GCC 4.3, my diatribes about GCC bugs might
> backfire.  A bug in GMP might cause GCC to miscompile things, e.g.,
> GMP...)
And ldd a.out shows:
mcbain at bellini:~/tmp$ ldd a.out => /usr/local/lib/ (0x00002b528fcd3000) => /lib/ (0x00002b528ff22000)
        /lib64/ (0x00002b528fab5000)

Still no clue to whats wrong.

Torsten Bonde Christiansen.

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