Sun Studio 11 compile on Solaris 10 fails "make check"

Torbjorn Granlund tg at
Thu Jan 3 20:12:03 CET 2008

Nicholas Oxhøj <nicholas at> writes:

  I seem to have fixed the problem by setting "-fsimple=0" in line 3366 of 
  the configure script, such that the compiler now generates code 
  complying with the IEEE-754 floating-point arithmetic standard.
  <             # -fns=no and -fsimple=1 disable some transformations that
   >             # -fns=no and -fsimple=0 disable some transformations that
  <             cc_64_cflags="-fast -fns=no -fsimple=1 -xarch=v9"
   >             cc_64_cflags="-fast -fns=no -fsimple=0 -xarch=v9"

Perhaps the best change would be to stop using -fast, an inherently
dangerous option.  It is documented as performing various invalid
transformations, and newer compilers seem to perform more invalid
transformations than older ones.


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