'make check' fails: gmp-4.2.2 (shared build only), Windows XP, msys shell

Sisyphus sisyphus1 at optusnet.com.au
Tue Feb 26 12:35:53 CET 2008


For some reason on Win32 (XP), building a *dynamic* (dll) GMP-4.2.2 in the
MSYS shell fails - though there's no problem with a static build.

With the dynamic build, the library builds ok - and it seems to be perfectly
functional when I use that library to build apps (both in the msys and cmd
But all of the tests fail.

Is this a known issue ?
How do I obtain the sort of verbosity with these tests that might give a
clue to the precise problem ?

I've tried building 4.2.2 dynamically in msys versions 1.0.9, 1.0.10 and
1.0.11 and all 3 fail.
The failure with 1.0.11 is a little different in that the 'make check'
process simply hangs after it gets to the stage of 'creating t-sub.exe'
just before the first nine tests are run. (Actually, on closer inspection,
it's the running of the first test that causes the hang.) But with 1.0.9 and
1.0.10 the failure is as described above.

When I revert to GMP-4.2.1, I find that a dynamic build proceeds flawlessly
in 1.0.10 (didn't test 1.0.9), but in 1.0.11 'make check' still hangs when
the first test is run. (I've since tried running some of the other test
executables individually and they all cause a hang.)

I don't know whether the bug is in MSYS or GMP.

Is there other information I should provide ? ... or something I can do that
might make clarify things a little better ?

Personally, I prefer static builds - but I'd still like to see GMP building
troublefree, as both static *and* shared builds, in the MSYS shell (as has
usually been the situation in the past).


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