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Steve M. Robbins steve at
Wed Oct 3 17:48:50 CEST 2007

Hi Josh,

I don't have any real experience with msys/mingw, but here are some
general thoughts.

On Sat, Sep 29, 2007 at 12:33:23PM -0700, Josh Scholar wrote:

> Anyway I built once more with a clean directory untarred at the disk's
> outermost directory and configured without a "--prefix" and with most
> programs shut down (I have 1 gig memory, but still).  Link failed with
> a segfault again.  I did a "make clean", configed again, this time
> with no "--build" specified, but still with "--enable-fat" and,
> "--disable-static" and "--enable-shared"

If you're having trouble building, try again with static libs only, as
that is generally the least troublesome.  Blow away the build dir and
configure with --disable-shared --enable-static.

> When I run the tests directly, they exit without printing anything.

Be sure to check the exit status: 0 is success, anything else is

> No complaint but nothing printed either.  I would guess that if they
> weren't finding the dll, there would be an error message.

You'd hope for an error message.  But to be sure I'd suggest using the
mingw equivalent of linux's "ldd" or else using the dependency walker
depends (


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