DLL fails check under mingw32, static library succeeds

Josh Scholar joshscholar at nightstudies.net
Tue Oct 2 20:39:09 CEST 2007

Once the directory naming problem was resolved, it became clear that my
builds were failing the check (they'd try about 9 tests, fail all of them,
then stop).

I had been making a fat build, so I tried the default, that also failed.

Then I tried a static library, fat build.  That succeeded.


One unrelated question.  It's my understanding that GCC programs set the
precision mode to 80 bits (though they store doubles to memory as 64 bits),
while Visual C sets the rounding mode to 64 bits.

So, if I call a GCC compiled library from a Visual C compiled main program,
the precision mode will be 64 bits, not the 80 bits it's expecting.  Will
that break anything in GMP?

Joshua Scholar
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