SIGFPE missing on MinGW32CE

Ivan Vucica ivucica at
Wed Nov 28 11:03:55 CET 2007


I've successfully compiled GMP for Windows CE (PocketPC) using the 
MinGW32CE crosscompiler. I had to make only a small change in "invalid.c" 
in the root of the library, namely I commented out the lines 
"raise(SIGFPE);" and "#include <signal.h>" since signals do not seem to be 
supported under MinGW32CE. If you'll be looking for this crosscompiler, 
its prefix is "arm-wince-mingw32ce-".

A simple "autoconf" mechanism to detect mingw32ce and differ it from 
mingw32 should be sufficient.

I have not yet tested running the GMP application I intend to compile for 
PocketPC, but I'm pretty sure that there will not be any problems aside 
from this minor compile-time issue.

Though this is a completely different bug, "arm-wince-cegcc-" is not 
supported at all, namely it says something like "cegcc is not a recognized 
system". "cegcc" should be supporting many Unix tricks, including the 
signals (or so the documentation and "locate signal.h" say :)

Ivan Vucica

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