GMP v. 4.2.2 dll checking bug on MinGW32 and-or MSys Suite

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Sat Nov 24 14:59:24 CET 2007

 Dear Sir;

 The bug reported below does not concern GMP v. 4.2.1, but only v. 4.2.2.
 For GMP 4.2.1, everything runs perfectly.

 With MinGW32 and/or MSys Suite [GCC v. 3.4.5] running on Win XP powered by Core 2 processors, the static libraries [with the option --enable-cxx} are compiled with no problem at all. 

 While compiling dll,  till the 'make check' phase, the process is flawless.
 But, when this command is given, the dll's produced are not being able to be linked to the test programs.
 When you do not pay attention to the failure of the checking mode, and, you install and use the dll's, there is not any error too thereafter.

 I have checked them with several C, C++ and Pascal [GPC 3.4.5 - snapshot version of September 2007] codes, and seen that they give the most correct results.

 I have used it [only C dll] through Win FreeBasic version .18.b.2 , and Win FreePascal version 2.0.4 , and no erroneous result produced that time too.

 Thanks a lot.

 With kind regards.


 Kadir T. Yuce
 pascaltomath at

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