Question about mpz_divisible_p() docs

Alexander Kruppa kruppa at
Fri Jun 8 15:10:36 CEST 2007

Hi Torbjörn,

in the info page for mpz_divisible_p(), mpz_divisible_ui_p() and 
mpz_divisible_2exp_p() you write

"Return non-zero if N is exactly divisible by D"

There is a notation in number theory that says

a||b, or a exactly divides b, iff a|b and gcd(a/b, b) = 1.

This notation is useful, for example, for writing
which means k is the exponent of 2 in the factorisation of n. See, for 
example, Knuth, Graham and Patashnik, Concrete Mathematics, exercise 4.25.

I don't think this is the meaning of the "exactly" you use in the 
documentation. Perhaps you would like to change it to "divisible without 
remainder" or something similar?


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