Fix for C++ part of gmp-4.2.1 for Sun Studio 10

Gertjan Zwartjes gertjan at
Sun Feb 4 00:29:03 CET 2007


We have been trying to get gmp-4.2.1 working on Solaris. The C version
works fine without problems, however we ran into several (known)
problems trying to get the C++ header gmpxx.h compiling with the Sun C++
compiler (we are using version 5.8).

We have found some patches to get it working up to the "Ambiguous
partial specialization for" error. The last email discussion on this
list was in August 2006, between Albert Chin and Matthias Koppe.

After digging into the gmpxx.h file, we found a solution to get rid of
the "Ambiguous specialization for" error for the biggest part of the
library: everything compiles and works fine, except for the ternary
expression optimizations.

I've attached our patched version of gmpxx.h, that has clearly marked
differences (with "ORIGINAL" and "MY VERSION" in comments) between the
original and our version.

We've been looking at those ternary expression optimizations, but
haven't found a solution for them. Maybe if any of you see what we did
to fix the first part, that may give a hunch how to solve the ternary

Maybe our fix helps for better support on the Solaris platform.

Please contact us for further details if necessary.

Best Regards,

	Gertjan Zwartjes 
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