Not sure this is a bug

Chris Saunders evas at
Sat Aug 18 16:33:10 CEST 2007

I have been attempting to post to gmp-discuss but for reasons I don't
understand my posts will not go through to there.  The reason that I tried
gmp-discuss first is that I am not sure that this problem even has anything
to do with GMP - so please be patient.


I am attempting to build version 4.2.1 on Windows using MSYS.  The command
line I am using is "./configure --disable-shared
--enable-alloca=malloc-reentrant".  When this runs a single line get sent to
the command window - "checking build system type...".  After this no
progress appears to be made.  I'm hoping to hear from anyone who has
experience building GMP on MSYS.  I have built previous versions of GMP on
MSYS without any problems.



Chris Saunders

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