gmp 4.2.1: make check failing on PA-RISC 2.0

Torbjorn Granlund tg-this-will-bounce-but-I-am-subscribed-to-the-list-honest at
Wed Apr 11 16:29:54 CEST 2007

Julian Stecklina <der_julian at> writes:

  attached is the log of running "make check" with the current release
  4.2.1 on a HP Visualize C3600 running Gentoo Linux. A lot of tests in
  tests/mpz seem to fail.
Please see for
information on what information we need in order to hopefully do
something about this.

But to quote the GMP main web page:

GMP is very often miscompiled!  We are seeing ever increasing
problems with miscompilations of the GMP code. It has now come to the
point where a compiler should be assumed to miscompile GMP. Please
never use your newly compiled libgmp.a or without first
running make check. If it doesn't complete without errors, don't
trust the library. Please try another compiler release, or change
optimization flags until it works. If you have the skill to isolate
the problem, please report it to us if it is a GMP bug; else to the
compiler vendor. (The compilers that cause problems are HP's
unbundled compilers and GCC, in particular Apple's GCC releases.)


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