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Hi,We need math::GMP module to be built for perl5.8.8. Math::GMP is dependent on libgmp library.I got the source code for libGMP library from
version of gmp : gmp-4.2.1
System Information : HP-UX isp5583 B.11.23 U ia64 0823897512 unlimited-user license
Steps followed to build the libGMP library :
Steps 1 :
./configure --prefix=/opt/standard_perl/ext_mod_perl588 --exec-prefix=/opt/standard_perl/ext_mod_perl588 --libdir=/opt/standard_perl/ext_mod_perl588/lib  --includedir=/opt/standard_perl/ext_mod_perl588/include LDFLAGS='-L/opt/standard_perl/perl588/lib/generic_lib/lib -L/usr/lib'--bindir = '/opt/standard_perl/ext_mod_perl588/bin'
Step 2: make => Compiled succesfully.
Step 3: make check. I found the following Errors.
sh[9]: 23413 Memory fault(coredump)FAIL: t-hamdistPASS: t-oddevensh[9]: 23418 Memory fault(coredump)FAIL: t-popcountI have attached the complete output of "make check" along this email.
I checked the notes and "reported bugs"document  in the following links, but could not find information related to HP-Itanium. help to resolve this issue is appreciated.

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