Failure to build new gmp dll.

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Fri Oct 20 19:39:29 CEST 2006

<librik at> writes:

  "djh" <henman at> wrote:
  > I am trying to build a dll with the new gnu mp package, i.e., 4.2.1, but have
  > run into a problem...  Please read on and see if you can give me a hand.
  > And now for the offending line in ".../mpn/tmp-dive_1.s"  
  > Line # 110 below in context.
  >                         call    Lmovl_eip_ebp
  > line #110       addl    $_GLOBAL_OFFSET_TABLE_, %ebp
  >                         movl    ___gmp_modlimb_invert_table at GOT(%ebp), %ebp
  >                         movzbl  (%eax,%ebp), %ebp                       
  Yes, you've run into a bug that I found and reported earlier
  this year.  Here's my post and Torbjorn Granlund's reply:
  I assume what's happened is what Torbjorn described:  a newer
  libtool has arrived, the bug in libtool is still not fixed, and
  so his temporary fix broke again.
There are surely newer libtools, but the one in gmp 4.2.1 has not
changed since gmp 4.2.1 was released...

If somebody decides to work on this, and finds a solution, please let
us know so we consider the change for the next release.


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