Updated bug report: gmp4.2.1 install on itanium2 running unix

Paul Nanninga paul.nanninga at anu.edu.au
Thu Nov 30 08:26:32 CET 2006


I attach the requested  files in zip form (they were attached previously but
the mail system must have appended them into the main body of the message
because they were small text files - hopefully this will not happen with 
a zip file).

As for icc - I did not specify it as any parameter in the configure command.
I only had the argument prefix=install directory. However I should mention
that a colleague in the IT assistance area (with administrator privilege)
may have run configure in my own directory, and perhaps invoked icc
somehow. I have sent a message to him to clarify this but he hasn't
replied yet. If he does and the information is relevant, would you like me
to forward this info on to you?


Paul Nanninga

Paul Nanninga
Tel: (02) 6125 6241
E-mail: paul.nanninga at anu.edu.au

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