c++ patch

Hans Aberg haberg at math.su.se
Sun Nov 12 14:09:53 CET 2006

On 12 Nov 2006, at 09:40, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

> | And I think that GNU favors giving C++ headers the filename  
> extension
> | ".hh".
> That is a "rule" I'm not aware of.  For sure, in the libstdc++ (the  
> implementation of the ISO C++ standard library), we don't use ".hh".

The C/C++ standard header names are defined by the standards, and  
cannot be changed because of that (and need not even be implemented  
as files). For else, I don't know whether this is a GNU rule, but  
Bison uses it. For awhile, I experimented with none, as in the C++  
standard libraries, but the practical problems is to get file types  
recognized by various programs. And ".h" is a C header file, the  
latter which is a  language different from C++. So, using ".hh" might  
be a good idea after all - I am switching to it myself now.

   Hans Aberg

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