HP-UX build problem

Torbjorn Granlund tege at swox.com
Fri May 19 13:58:15 CEST 2006

"zahradnicky at kppm.cz" <zahradnicky at kppm.cz> writes:

  I've recently tried to compile GMP at HP-UX (uname -a) HP-UX hprx B.11.23 U
  ia64 2293288835 unlimited-user license. There were 2 problems. One during
  "make all" that could not build the calc demo because of a wrong path and
  the second one that is serious during the make check phase with the
  following output (see below).

You're not providing the information we ask for, so there is not much
we can do.

But I guess that you're using the HP system compiler.  That compiler
is known to miscompile most of the code sent to it.

In the past, I isolated and reported compiler bugs that I found.  Then
I ran out of time, so I stopped.

If you want to make a favour to the multinational company HP, you
might want to isolate the bug(s) that cause this miscompilation.  They
will probably fix the bugs, but rest assured that the next release of
their compiler will will have many new bugs, and still miscompile GMP.

Pessimistic view?  Not at all!  I have tried at least 20 compiler
releases from HP, and they all miscompiled GMP.


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