gmp-4.1.4 configure problems (Again)

J_J_FUX j_j_fux at
Wed Mar 22 21:51:55 CET 2006

hello again
  >>Why do you post to two bugs list, as well as privately?

  my sincere apologies if that last mail went out twice (and privately ??)  . i thought this was an automated list system that had not yet welcomed me to the list properly .
  >>The error ONLY occurs with a custom gmp-mparam.h (everything
  work fine with the supplied gmp-mparam.h in mpn/x86/p6/mmx)

>>When you change the code, you're on your own.

  i got the source from these links , and never changed any headers .
  i got these sources again today . and got the same configure problem
  where should i get the un edited source from ? , these versions have modifiyed headers ?
  any ideas what could be causing this ? (apart form the obvious human idiot in control...)

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