gmp failures on Solaris/x86

Torbjorn Granlund tege at
Mon Jun 19 14:56:21 CEST 2006

Darrel Hankerson <hankedr at> writes:

  1. mpn/x86_64/{rshift,lshift}.asm have 
  	movd	%mm7, %rax
  which does not pass the assembler.  I believe this should be
  	movd	%mm7, %eax

That's wrong, the fact that you make the assembler accept the
syntax isn't a sufficient criteria for correctness...

What syntax does the pesky Sun assembler want for the 64-bit move
from a mmx register to a general register?

We don't want the instruction coded 0f 7e c0 but the instruction
coded 48 0f 7e c0.

  2. tests/amd64call.asm has
  	jmpq	*G(calling_conventions_function)
  which is not accepted. I think this should be
  	jmp	*G(calling_conventions_function)
I suppose we could make that change, if it helps on Sun.

  3. ABI=32 does not work on this platform.  gmp-4.1.4 32-bit compiled
  fine and passed tests.  The first symptom I see is that fib_table.h
  fails on
     #if GMP_NUMB_BITS != 64
     Error, error, this data is for 64 bits
Are you saying that "configure ABI=32 ..." does not work?  Would
you please share the configure output with us?  (We do not need
the config.log file.)


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