make check error on X86_64(AMD)

netpass at netpass at
Mon Jul 31 04:59:16 CEST 2006


After I had successfully built from gmp-4.2.1 source, I ran "make check" as suggested but 1 of 26 tests failed. Here are the outputs:

PASS: t-add
PASS: t-sub
PASS: t-conv
PASS: t-sqrt
PASS: t-sqrt_ui
PASS: t-muldiv
PASS: t-dm2exp
PASS: reuse
PASS: t-cmp_d
mpf_cmp_si wrong on data[6]
  a=-0.1e1 (-1)
  b=1 (1)
FAIL: t-cmp_si
PASS: t-div
PASS: t-fits
PASS: t-get_d
PASS: t-get_d_2exp
PASS: t-get_si
PASS: t-get_ui
PASS: t-gsprec
PASS: t-inp_str
PASS: t-int_p
PASS: t-mul_ui
PASS: t-set
PASS: t-set_q
PASS: t-set_si
PASS: t-set_ui
PASS: t-trunc
PASS: t-ui_div
1 of 26 tests failed
Please report to gmp-bugs at
make[4]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[4]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/gmp-4.2.1/tests/mpf'
make[3]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[3]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/gmp-4.2.1/tests/mpf'
make[2]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/gmp-4.2.1/tests'
make[1]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/gmp-4.2.1'
make: *** [check] Error 2

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